What is it?

  • A proven program that will deliver results you can see and feel in 4 days.
  • Daily videos and written instructions to guide you every step of the way.
  • Specific recipes designed to reduce cravings, bloat and inflammation. 
  • Daily practices that will empower you to shift your mindset and elevate your thoughts.
  • Restorative exercise routines to compliment the program and enhance your results.
  • Tools and strategies you can continue to use and a plan to turn to whenever you need a reset.

The Story Behind The P4P 4 Day Reset


How It Started

I originally developed this program after visiting a friend had “let herself go”, physically and mentally. She had periodically struggled with her weight as an adult but has reached an all time high on the scale and an all time low emotionally. She was dealing with conflict in her relationships, a crossroads in her career and feeling completely discouraged.

She had tried numerous diets and trainers in the past, achieving some success but it was always temporary and never sustainable. At this point, she was so far off track and frankly, in a bit of denial. She was unhappy with the way she looked and felt but didn’t see the toll it was taking on her overall health and her life. I knew that in order to help her I was going to have to show her dramatic results immediately so that she could gain the motivation and confidence to make a lifestyle change.

I put together a plan, including a daily schedule of what and when to eat, specific workouts, and other practices to help not only help detoxify her body but also clear her mind. I realized quickly that she didn’t feel strong enough to do this on her own. We decided I would move in for 4 days and hold her hand (and hold her accountable) every step of the way. I wanted her to get the results she needed to recommit to her health. 

The Process

We started by cleaning out her kitchen and stocking her fridge and pantry with healthy, nourishing foods. We took measurements and weight and we also addressed other areas in life that were weighing on her. We looked at the behaviors that led her to either neglect her nutrition or overeat, and we addressed other areas of concern including sleep, exercise and self esteem. We practiced mindful habits to help her be more present, when eating, exercising and in daily life. It wasn’t easy for her, or me for that matter, but making the commitment was her first victory.

The Result*

After 4 days, she had lost 6 pounds and 8 total inches. Her skin looked better, she had more energy, her confidence was back and she was motivated to keep going. She was able to look at the other issues in her life with an honest perspective and was ready and willing to take responsibility and make the necessary changes to put her on a better path. Her results were dramatic and exactly what she needed but I explained to her, and I stress this to those of you interested in The Reset, any weight loss you achieve in 4 days is water weight! Results are going to vary depending on what your habits were before starting the plan. Although all of my clients that have completed the plan have seen positive results.

The Aftermath

After the 4 days, we started a 4 week program that included a sustainable meal plan and a regular exercise regimen and continued the daily practices to keep her in a positive mindset and focused on her overall well being. She went on to lose over 35 pounds, reinvent her career, heal some troubled relationships and regain her self confidence. 

And Now YOU Can Do It Too

She was so happy with her results that she referred friends, colleagues and clients to me from all over. Before long, there was a waitlist for The Reset. With each new client, I saw continued success and how it gave them hope, confidence and the power to make sustainable, positive changes. I began to offer if locally, in small groups, and I adapted the program to keep clients feeling supported, while empowering them to be independent. The more people I guided through The Reset, the more it evolved. I knew how beneficial The Reset could be for so many people and I wanted to find a way to make it accessible to everyone.

About Kim

Kim Adams, CSCS, NLC


Kim Adams, founder of Pilates4Pros, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a Pilates and yoga instructor. She is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and ambassador for the Nutritious Life Studio. Her performance, prehab/rehab programs are used by professional athletes including NHL, NFL, MLB players and Olympians, and she has served on staff with professional sports teams. Kim is passionate about helping clients take a "whole self" approach to make positive, impactful and lasting lifestyle changes.

Social proof: testimonials

“The P4P Reset has helped me in so many ways. I was looking for something to help me lose weight for the summer, but I found something that is now a lifestyle. Being a nurse who works nights it was hard for me to have the energy on my days off to go workout and to eat healthy. After The Reset, I wasn’t taking naps anymore and felt better than I had in years. I recruited my boyfriend to do The Reset for Men and he also had amazing results. For years he has struggled with stomach issues and since starting the program his stomach issues have almost completely resolved. The meals are easy and quick, which was amazing for me because I have no experience in cooking. I could say so much more about The Reset and about Kim, but the biggest thing is that I feel amazing and it doesn't matter what the scale says anymore, what matters is the change I have seen my body.”


“The P4P 4 Day Reset was the best decision I have ever made regarding my health and fitness. I have never in my life had more energy or felt better when I wake up in the morning. The results alone make the program so motivating. Changing my lifestyle with The Reset changed my entire life.”


What You Get

  • Detailed Daily Meal Guides

    You'll get specific day by day plan that consists of 5 meals, all of the (super easy) recipes, a shopping list, and instructions on how to customize the plan to your schedule.

  • Mindful Practices To Shift Your Thinking

    I'll guide you through visualizations, writing exercises, goal setting and other exercises to improve your your attitude towards your wellness and your overall mindset.

  • Exercise Routines To Enhance Results

    You'll get 4 low impact workouts designed to compliment the plan and improve results. All can be done at home with no equipment.

  • Private Online Community & Support

    Our private Facebook group provides additional support, Q&A, bonuse tips and resources and periodic livestream check-ins with Kim.

  • A Program You Can Repeat

    Downloadable plans, recipes, guided visualizations, journal prompts and more are yours to keep and continue to use in your daily life and suggestions for how to reuse The Reset.

  • Bonus Material & Priority Access

    When you complete the program, you'll receive a free copy of my Ebook "Healthy Cravings", 1 month free to The P4P Online Studio and early access and special discounts to other P4P Programs.

Sample Reset Meals

Easy, delicious and nourishing meals and snacks.

The Daily Meal Plans make preparation easy with detailed instructions and recipes that use simple ingredients.


  • Can anyone do The Reset?

    The Reset is designed for individuals with no known metabolic or other disorders that need to be under the care or a physician. If you have any concern about your health in regards to altering your nutrition, please consult your physician.

  • Is there a vegetarian option?

    Currently we do not offer a vegetarian version of the plan.

  • Can the program accommodate food substitutions?

    There are guidelines for substitutions within each recipe. For example, you can substitute chicken, turkey, fish and seafood within the recipes. So if you don't like something, most likely, there is a suitable replacement.

  • What if I don't cook?

    The recipes in the plan are so easy and many of my clients who don't cook, were able to prepare everything themselves. However, you can use store bought, pre-cooked options (such as a simply grilled chicken breast) that are prepared without oils, butter, sauces or added salt.

  • Can I get a program customized specifically to me??

    If you desire a custom program, please email kim@pilates4pros.com to inquire about availability.

  • Can my whole family do the program with me?

    The Reset is not suitable for children under 18. There are separate plans for men and women so if you decide to Reset with a spouse or family member, be sure that each person is following the correct plan.

  • Can I use other supplements during The Reset?

    If you have been prescribed supplements, you should not stop taking them without consulting your doctor. Multivitamins and other daily supplements should not interfere with your Reset. If you are using protein supplements, they are not necessary during the Reset.

  • What if I am pregnant?

    The meal plans are not appropriate for pregnant women or nursing mothers. The other components of the plan are always beneficial though!

  • How long will I have access to the program?

    All of the materials (written text, videos and audio files) including the shopping list, recipes, workouts, guided visualizations, journal prompts and other information in The Reset is downloadable and your to keep forever.

The P4P 4 Day Reset Is For You If...

  • You need a kick in the a$$ to make a change.

  • You need a step by step instructions to follow.

  • You need quick results to get you motivated.

  • You want to look and feel better now.

  • You're willing to make a 4 day commitment to the program and to yourself!

Bonus Material

I've included additional material to help you during and after the 4 Day Reset

  • Live Support

    I'll host a live webinar on (DATE)______ to provide additional insight into the program, helpful tips, and more ways to help you get the most out of your Reset as well as time for Q&A.

  • 1 Month FREE of The P4P Online Studio

    Gain access to The P4P Online Studio and all of the classes available on demand. Your free month will begin upon completion of all the modules of The P4P 4 Day Reset.

  • My "Healthy Cravings" Ebook

    Get this collection of some of my most popular and highly requested recipes.

Want More Support?

The Reset LIVE gives you access to virtual sessions with Kim, additional material, and an elevated level of support and accountability.

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The 4 Day Reset LIVE - What's the difference?

You'll learn The Reset directly from Kim as she guides you through the program in real time with LIVE daily sessions!

  • A live virtual kickoff with introduction, Q&A and additional guidance 3 days prior to the start date

  • Daily live AM practice guided by Kim

  • Live virtual daily check-ins with Q&A

  • A bonus live guided visualization led by Kim

  • Guest speakers/teachers

Choose Your Plan

The 4 Day Reset (Self Guided)

For those who want to start ASAP, this is a self-guided version of the program. Upon completion of The Reset, You will receive a discount code should you choose to join a future Reset Live or one on one instruction with Kim.

The 4 Day Reset (WOMEN)

The 4 Day Reset (MEN)

The Reset LIVE

This guided version of The Reset includes live, interactive online group sessions with Kim, access to a private Facebook community, and an upgraded level of support and accountability.

One on One Guided Reset With Kim

Contact Kim to schedule your personally guided Reset. This plan includes an initial phone or Zoom consultation, assistance with prepping for The Reset, personal recommendations based on your needs and goals, 4 daily coaching sessions with Kim and a follow up session on the day after completion.

Kim Adams

Board Certified Holistic Health Coach

Email Kim to schedule your one on one guided Reset. This personally guided plan includes an initial phone or Zoom consultation, customized suggestions based on your needs and goals, daily coaching sessions during the Reset and a follow up session upon completion.